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Betty Chou

On November 22, 2002, we registered with the State of California, and it has been ten years since then.

Therefore, although we don’t have any plan for Thanksgiving dinner event, we can’t help but sharing with you through this little article, how God, through your prayers and support, use such a small organization to accomplish His will. May all glory be to our Father in heaven.

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Greetings! I am Crystal, and I am a MS degree in statistics student in the mathematics department of the University of California in San Diego. I have been in the United States for two years. During the first year, I had many amazing experiences. Among them, the most amazing experience, for me, was that I truly came to know God. It was His grace that brought me to the United States and gave me such a life of abundance and the most glorious blessings in my life. I have experienced God’s grace again and again. In His hand, my life underwent a fundamental change. During this first year, with the gradual growth of my life in Christ, I became all the more aware of His love, and, with my deepening worshiping heart, I eagerly hoped that God would use me to do His work. I am planning to return to China this summer. I have been praying to God to make sure that I will not waste my summer vacation. I hope to share what I have received from God with other people and spread His love to them. God is truly amazing. He promised that If you look for Him wholeheartedly, you will find Him. He provided me an opportunity to meet Auntie Betty at church. And this meeting led me to participate in the 2012 English and Character Building summer camp in Kunming. This was the first time I took part in God’s work on such a large scale. I am truly grateful to God for using a young child in spiritual life such as I to do His work. I really gained much too much from this summer camp.

This summer I had the opportunity to serve at the English Character Building Summer Camp in Kunming, and thus had the experience of working with my 11-year-old son Lele and 7-year-old daughter Lulu. I often heard that the one who benefited the most from short-term mission trip is oneself, and our first time mission trip is no exception. Here I want to share my thoughts and feelings on seven aspects from this trip, i.e., food, play, accommodation, transportation, friendship, teaching, and learning.

After enjoying family and friendship for four weeks at different places, on Sunday July 8th, we flew from Jinan to Kunming. As soon as I got off the plane I started to like Kunming, mainly due to its cool weather and the kind and honest taxi driver. After we put down our luggage in the hotel room, we went straight to the pre-camp training. While some teachers were testing the students for class placement, Lele and Lulu already started to play with another little teacher, 8-year-old Sam from Shanghai. How little time did it take the children to make friends! Perhaps this is one of the lessons we adults should learn?